Communication at a glance

Set topics. Plan content. Realize ideas.

Orchestrate your integrated communication with newsroom:
Set topics. Plan content – in any format for any channel.
Create a web of activities and dates.
Look at the big picture or “just” your tasks.
Use the calendar view, timeline, Kanban boards or classic lists.
Count on partner tools like Beekeeper,, dpa-Agenda and

Design your own virtual newsroom!

Set a frame

Use your company’s projects, products or services to create key communication topics.


Use familiar structures

Build the framework of your newsroom from your business units, departments, markets, regions, languages, target groups.


Plan formats and channels

Define any format (such as speeches, social media posts, press releases) in any channel – from digital to print.


Make it transparent

Everyone can see everything, in the editorial calendar or in individual cockpits. Hide specifically confidential information only.

The flexible dashboard system can be configured individually: simply select the appropriate widgets from a building kit and arrange them on a cockpit page. Or distribute widgets on different cockpit pages, depending on your working style. In the same way, features of our partners Beekeeper, dpa and UNICEPTA can be seamlessly integrated.

We can drive your circles!

newsroom maps the communication circuit: find, plan, produce, publish and evaluate topics and content. We support you with concepts and best practise examples: Efficient management of appointments, tasks, content, channels, markets and target groups. Effective editorial conferences. Meaningful analyses of the big data.

Question to Practitioner: How does it work best?

Many communication professionals are asking themselves: Is a newsroom approach the best fit for us if Siemens has one, the Telekom, too, and even our competitor? Or does a “classic” approach work better for us? We have answers for these and other questions. Right here in the new blog or in a personal dialogue. We are working with fun and conviction as practitioners for practitioners. Preferably with newsroom, our multi-function tool for integrated communication.

Our Network


This real-time, two-way workplace communication app connects entire workforces, including employees without corporate e-mail addressees and PC workstations. It’s embedded in newsroom via harmonised interfaces.



Unicepta is the fastest growing full-service provider for media and data intelligence in Europe, the USA and the Asia-Pacific region. With the latest AI-driven technologies and the knowledge of experts, Unicepta collects and analyzes data from media worldwide.


Germany’s leading news agency has developed “dpa-Agenda”, a continuously updated online calendar of upcoming media events. The product is now seamlessly integrated into newsroom for the ultimate in communication topic and event planning.


Digital interaction, event app (without app!), advice. For companies, authorities and associations.
Individually or in combination.


Facelift is one of the leading providers of social media marketing technologies in Europe. With the FaceliftCloud, it develops and markets a multi-certified software solution with all components for professional social media marketing. is a software-as-a-service product in the field of social media marketing & community management. It is the only Austrian company to be part of the Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Marketing Partner Programs.


The Ubermetrics Content Intelligence platform is based on Artificial Intelligence specifically developed and trained for the needs of communicators. This technology converts publicly available content and data into meaningful insights.

Landau Media

Landau Media is one of the leading providers in the field of media monitoring, press reviews and media analyzes in Germany. As a full-service provider, Landau Media provides a complete overview of the media landscape.