To create a new event, there are several options:

  1. Using the corresponding Feature of the “Plan” widget in the dashboard,
  2. Using “Create Event” in the upper right corner of the “Event” view,
  3. Using the calendar: click the plus sign next to a date box, and then select  “Event”.




In any case, a template opens that consists of two main elements. The available template fields are displayed on the left – mandatory fields not yet completed are marked with a red x. On the right, information can be entered.

The following form fields are available in Events:

  • Title
  • Event type
  • Date
  • Scope
  • Country
  • Location
  • Owner
  • Further event owners
  • Brief description
  • Comments
  • Link to event website
  • Relevant for units
  • Relevant for markets
  • Lead topic
  • Tags

Information concerning the template fields can be found here.