The dashboard is opened by default with the “Getting Started” cockpit page after logging in to the newsroom system. There are other cockpit default pages, “Daily Overview” and “Monthly Overview.”

Each user can create any number of cockpit pages, just click on “Add Cockpit” in the upper right corner.

A window opens, type in a title for the new cockpit page (for example, “My activities and my events”). Click Save, the new cockpit page is created and appears to the right of the existing cockpit pages.

The cockpit pages can be moved by using the drag and drop function. The cockpit page listed first will be opened after login into the system. By default, this is the cockpit page “Getting Started. In case all cockpits pages are being deleted, “newsroom ” automatically restores the defalt cockpits.

To edit or delete an existing cockpit page, click on the arrow next to the respective cockpit page. A menu window opens from which you can choose the desired feature.