For customers of the „Agenda“ product offered by the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (German Press Agency – dpa) with access to the dpa Event database, newsroom offers an additional filter. If this filter is activated, the „Event“ list shows the available events of the dpa event database.

To convert a dpa Event into an “own” Event, select the desired dpa event from the „Event“ list and click on the „gear“ icon. The prefilled „Event“ form opens with all information about this „Event“. You can supplement this information and assign your own „Event types“, for example. Once again, it is very important to assign „Tags“ (keywords) and assign the relevance for your own Units and Markets. In saving the „Event“ including the changes, the dpa event becomes one of your „Events“.


The „Event“ layer of the “Timeline” contains two sublevels: The „dpa“ layer shows the available events of the dpa „Agenda“ event database (only for dpa customers), in our example there are 6 appointments on 30th October. A click on the 6 opens a window showing the dpa appointments. This function is especially helpful when planning your own „Events“, e. g. due to the possibility of competing events.