Frequently asked questions

Which newsroom variant is right for me/ our company/ our organisation?

We offer three newsroom variants: day2day, advanced, and premium.

newsroom day2day is optimised for small and medium businesses, local government organisations, associations, societies and PR agencies with 5 to 25 users. Potential users here include communication department employees and management team members. It is a lightweight tool for the integrated planning, production and publication of communication content, events and activities. The ideal replacement for spreadsheets, it is a highly affordable and effective all-in-one solution.

newsroom advanced is designed for medium and large businesses, local government organisations, associations, societies and PR agencies with 15 to 75 users. This variant is ideal for managing the complexities inherent in communications that need to be integrated across more than just a handful of formats, channels and target groups. It integrates and connects workflows and ideas across communication and marketing departments and beyond. Among the key features of this variant are integrated translation management and the ability to include experts in content review and approval workflows.

newsroom premium is the perfect solution for large and multinational enterprises, government departments and industry associations with complex structures, and agencies with international customer portfolios. With this variant, communication experts from mch work closely with you to create a customised platform that will enable you to breeze through even the most complex and challenging of integrated communication and corporate newsroom planning and management tasks. The result: highly transparent and efficient collaboration across corporate communications and other departments, market managers, event managers, marketing specialists, key account managers, top-level managers and more. Information and work flows are perfectly orchestrated, yielding maximum efficiency and freeing up resources for creative content development.

What does newsroom cost?

newsroom day2day is available for €19.90 per user per month – for a minimum of five users. Example: Ten users will cost you €199 per month, or €2,388 per year, including hosting and software updates. By contrast, office software packages by big providers generally cost around €10 per month per user, but don’t offer anything remotely like the communication efficiencies of newsroom day2day.

newsroom advanced is available for €39.90 per user per month. Example: A company with 35 users will pay €1,396.50 month, or €16,758 per year, including hosting and software updates. That’s less than half the average salary of a corporate communications employee. More importantly, the subscription pays for itself very quickly, especially given that the increased transparency eliminates the expense of work duplication and endless crisis management.

newsroom premium is available for a guide price €59.90 per user per month. The actual price depends on your requirements, as this is a highly customisable variant of our product. Example 1: A fairly large mid-sized company requires only a few add-ons and modifications over and above the newsroom advanced variant. In this case, the price per user per month will be closer to €39.90. Example 2: A large multinational enterprise wishes to host newsroom premium on its own server, activate SSO (single sign-on) and have multiple interfaces to content management systems and social media channels. In this case, the actual cost may be higher than € 59.90 per user per month. In addition, the company may need to pay one-off costs for the bespoke integration of newsroom into its legacy systems.

Can I buy newsroom?

No, newsroom is available only on a subscription (software as-a-service) basis. This model ensures that newsroom is highly flexible and customisable and spares the customer the expense of maintenance and updates.

How long is the contract term for newsroom?

The standard contract term is one year and renews automatically unless cancelled. Different terms can be negotiated for the newsroom advanced and newsroom premium variants.

Does newsroom need to be installed on a PC/laptop?

No, newsroom is cloud-based and can be accessed by any mainstream browser (e.g. Explorer, Chrome, Firefox).

How secure is newsroom?

Access to newsroom is via an encrypted channel (https) and requires authentication (username/password). newsroom records every failed log-in attempt in a log file. Once there have been five failed log-in attempts on a valid username or account, access to that account is blocked for five minutes and the system administrator is informed. newsroom uses role-based access control, which means that each user can access only those functions which are assigned to his/her role when his/her account is set up. The data on the newsroom platform are stored on servers located in ISO 27001-certified data centres in Germany. In certain cases, the customer can specify the data centre where its data is stored. Our hosting partner, Hostway, is a member of ECO, DENIC, RIPE and NOMINET UK. newsroom uses a multi-stage data back-up strategy in which data is continually backed up using a combination of incremental and full backups. Each back-up is stored in two separate locations.

Can newsroom be hosted on a server controlled by our company?

Yes, but generally only if your subscription is for the “premium” variant. In some cases this is also possible with the “advanced” variant, although there will be additional costs owing to the higher maintenance overheads involved. The best approach is just to contact us, and, together, we’ll work out a solution that’s right for you.

Does newsroom offer SSO (single sign-on)?

Yes, but generally only if the subscription is for the “premium” variant and the platform is hosted on the customer’s server.

Does newsroom have a permissions-based access system?

Yes. While newsroom is designed to ensure maximum planning and content transparency for all users, it has a clearly defined hierarchy of access permissions. There are five defined roles, each with different permission sets.

  • The “Administrator” role has full access to the entire system (including the back end) and all data.
  • The “Editor in Chief” has access to all back-end functions that are needed for the management of newsroom (e.g. entries in the tag list, chart of the customer’s organisational structure, user profiles, event and activity types) and all front-end functions (e.g. creating new topics and activities, assigning tasks to “Owners”).
  • The “Editor” has access to his/her own profile settings and his/her tasks. For example, the “Editor” role can create and edit new activities and events, but cannot create new tags or topics and cannot assign tasks to other “Owners”.
  • The “Expert” has access only to his/her own profile settings and tasks. The “Expert” cannot see any other newsroom content.
  • The “Translator” has access only to his/her own profile settings and tasks. The “Translator” cannot see any other newsroom content.

Can I create content in newsroom that is viewable only by a limited group of users?

Yes. This is possible because in newsroom every communication activity must be assigned at least one “Owner”. Hence, once you’ve created your content, you can click on “Content Restricted to Activity Owners” to ensure that it is viewable only by its defined “Owners”. Nobody other than those “Owners” will know that the activity/content even exists.

Can I produce content in newsroom?

Yes. With newsroom, you can plan and produce multiple different forms of content (“activity types”). The number of different forms of content available depends on the product variant, with newsroom premium offering unlimited forms. Content is produced using pre-set templates. newsroom day2day has access to five pre-set templates (e.g. “Press Release” and “Twitter”), and newsroom advanced has access to ten templates. With newsroom premium, all pre-set templates required by the customer are unlocked and available. On request, we can also develop and provide bespoke templates for newsroom premium customers.

Can I submit content for review in newsroom?

The review functionality is available by default in the newsroom advanced and newsroom premium variants. With this functionality, newsroom users and “Experts” can be invited to review content (e.g. to check technical or financial content or quotes) and/or to collaborate on the content of an activity.

Can I publish content directly from within newsroom?

Yes. However, the number of publication channels available will depend on what variant of newsroom you are subscribed to. All variants support export of text content to PDF and Word and have a standard template for digital channels. The basic variant, newsroom day2day, also has an interface to “Twitter”. In addition to these interfaces, newsroom advanced has an interface to the communication platform provided by our Swiss-based partner “Beekeeper”. We are also planning to release additional interfaces to commonly used social media platforms in the first half of 2018. If you are planning to publish on an extensive range of channels from within newsroom, then newsroom premium is the best solution because its interfaces can be customised to the content management systems (CMS) of the channels you use. We say this because we know from experience that the use scenarios of even very common CMS systems like WordPress and Typo3 vary – sometimes radically – from organisation to organisation. That is why customer-specific customisation is the best approach, not to mention the most effective. We would be happy to advise you on this. Just ask!

Can I visualise and track communication process flows in newsroom?

Yes. All variants of newsroom have process status selection and display functionality. There are three pre-defined process groups: “Start”, “Edit” and “Finish”. You can customise each of these by defining as many additional process steps and corresponding colour codes as you need. For example, you might want to add “Proposal for Conference”, “Proposal Accepted”, “In Progress”, “1st Review”, “Management Review”, “Prefinal”, “Final” and “Done”. newsroom will then use these process steps to colour code and display the current status of each activity. This gives you a visual overview, enabling you to quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot bottlenecks in the process flow.

Can I export calendars and tasks from newsroom?

Yes. In October 2017 we’ll be rolling out new functionality that will enable newsroom to export to Microsoft Outlook.

How does newsroom alert me to new information that is relevant to me?

newsroom features various information pathways. For instance, each activity has a comments function. newsroom also has a push notification tool that keeps each user up to date with all the information that is relevant to him/her specifically. For example, users can receive notifications of new tasks, changes to existing activities, new comments, status changes, etc. In newsroom day2day, notifications are passive, i.e. purely informative. In newsroom advanced and newsroom premium, on the other hand, notifications contain active links to the relevant tasks or activities, so users can click straight through to the details. “Experts” and “Translators” who have been assigned newsroom tasks receive emails containing links to their tasks.

Can I set up/activate external users in newsroom?

With the newsroom variants hosted by us, setting up external users is fairly straightforward. For example, employees of external PR agencies can be set up as “Editors”, and translation service providers can be set up as “Translators”. With customer-hosted newsroom variants, on the other hand, firewall settings can make integrating external users challenging or even impossible.

Is there an app version of newsroom?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. We’ve hoping to have an app module available for newsroom premium subscribers some time in the first half of 2018. So far we’ve given fairly low priority to developing an app because mobile device screens are too small to properly display certain features – most notably the planning overview. On smartphones it’s pretty much unusable, and on tablets it is somewhat limited. Hence the newsroom app will feature only those functions that work well on mobile devices.

Do I have to configure and set up newsroom myself?

newsroom has been designed with simplicity in mind. The idea is that any type of user can set the system up without any special training, simply by following the instructions in our video tutorials. That said, our newsroom team is more than happy to help you with set-up and configuration. We can set up a newsroom day2day system for €250 (price includes ten user profiles, 50 tags and a one-hour online training session based on your set-up). We can set up a newsroom advanced system for €500 (price includes 20 user profiles, 100 tags, ten markets, five organisational units, one “activity set” and a one-hour online training session based on your set-up). For newsroom premium systems, the cost depends on what you need and how long it takes. Contact us for a quote! The newsroom team can also run a one-day on-site workshop for up to ten participants – a great way to optimise your newsroom variant for your organisation’s legacy processes and workflows. This service costs €1,500 (plus travel/accommodation expenses).

Do you also provide user training?

newsroom is designed with simplicity in mind – so that users can get up to speed quickly and without any prior experience, simply by following the instructions in our video tutorials. Our motto is, “With newsroom you’re bulletproof!” So don’t be afraid to jump right in and start using it. That said, we do offer user training webinars for €100 per one-hour session and on-site user training sessions for €750 per day (plus travel/accommodation costs).

Is there a newsroom helpdesk?

The newsroom team offers various support packages, ranging from a simple digital ticket system for €250 per month (includes ten support tickets) to helpdesk support systems for large enterprises. These packages are available on request and can be tailored to your requirements. Just contact us, and together we’ll find the best solution for your organisation.