If you have successfully logged in, the „Dashboard” view of newsroom will appear. It is set as the default start view and looks like this:

At the top left of the newsroom screen there is the selection menu for the different newsroom views. Here you can choose between:

  • Dashboard,
  • Topics,
  • Activities,
  • Events,
  • Timeline,
  • Calendar

The currently selected view is highlighted in red.

At the top right of the newsroom screen, you will find a selection menu for editing your personal settings and general information about newsroom. Here you can select the following functions:

  • Your notifications (click on the blue speech bubble)
  • Your personal settings (click on your name)
  • Your current role (most users will have only one role – editor – and cannot select a different option here)
  • Information about newsroom (clicking on the red question mark icon opens a new window with a link to www.newsroom.works)