In newsroom you will receive notifications of all new information that is relevant to you. You can define what is „relevant” for you in the settings of your newsroom profile (in particular, your Unit and your Market/Markets). You will also be notified of all newly created Topics, Activities and Events for which you are registered as being the „Owner” (responsible person) or „Co-Owner” (team member) – even if these ownership characteristics are changed (updated).

You  also can receive notifications via e-mail, like new tasks linked to activities, events or in the area of content production. The e-mail notification can be activated in your setings. Notifications sent by newsroom via e-mail contain information concerning a task and a link to the task directly in newsroom.

You can access your notifications by clicking on the blue speech bubble in the upper right corner of the screen. The number (in our example 3) indicates how many new notifi cations there are. After clicking on the speech bubble, a list opens, displaying the most recent notifi cations at the top. Depending on the newsroom variant, you can jump directly to the respective Topic, Activity or Event or your task by clicking on the notification. Clicking on „Mark all read” sets the display value to 0, although the notifications are not deleted and remain available to view.


As an option, you can also have your notifications displayed in the Dashboard via the notification widget.